Kid Smile Corp. owns manufacturing factories and international trading company for infants and children's products including: pram, wood crib, steel crib, pet gates, bassinet, and children's furniture.
Our company value is to be strict on the product quality and plus never-stopping product developing in order to present the best to customers.
Owen Chen is our founder and teacher. Because Owen loves kids so much, this reason makes him to dedicate in baby product industry over 30 years. He is well-understanding for many baby products’ structure and specification. Therefore, before we recommend the qualified product to customer, Owen needs to confirm the product's quality and function. 
Our company's product value is that we require high standard to treat to our products in order to achieve to produce safety and durable products.
We are so enjoying in testing and development. For new product development, we require the product needed to certificated and tested by qualified testing laboratory. During production, our factories need to be certified by qualified standard in order to produce the high qualified and safety products. 
Our company culture is to treat every employee as our friends and families.
For all employees, Kid Smile Corp. is like a big family. Each department, manager, and colleague can work together like friends’ interaction. 
Kid Smile Corp. is a company, which has capabilities of international trading, development, production, quality assessment and control. Therefore, we are not only a simple trading agent, but also have the stronger support of factory, research developing, and quality control. The most important thing is that Kid Smile Corp. always presents the best quality and product for customers.
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